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Our state agricultural school includes 350 students, with 60 post A-Levels students, preparing a Higher National Diploma, specialized in tillage studies, farm management or agribusiness studies.
Our school also offers short training courses in addition to our full and part time programmes (apprenticeship) at all levels. The lessons taught are both technical (agronomy, animal science, farm management…) and general (maths, sciences, economics, History and Geography, foreign languages such as English, Spanish and German).


Venours’ agricultural vocational secondary school is located in the west of France, in Rouillé

> https://www.rouille.fr/

30 km southwards away from Poitiers

> https://visitpoitiers.fr/en/

The school is located in the countryside. There are a few local shops, a weekly market and an independent contemporary museum which is located within our agricultural school.

To entertain, people tend to go to Niort

> https://www.niortmaraispoitevin.co.uk/

or Poitiers, which are the nearest cities. Poitiers is only 1h15 away from Paris by train (LGV).


Venours is composed of three main centres :

  • A general and technological High School (LEGTA)
  • A training centre for apprentices (CFA)
  • An agricultural vocational training and promotion centre for adults (CFPPA)

Our educational farm can also welcome students for internships.

Our farm is composed of :

  • Mixed Jersiais Prim’Holstein herd of 60 dairy cows
  • 370,000 l of milk ; direct sale of Jersiais meat (milk-fed calves, beef)
  • Hives : 150 colonies, 3 t of honey
  • Broiler poultry : direct sale. 2 to 3000/year
  • Crops : area of 98 ha of fodder crops (meadow, maize, etc.) and sales crops (soft wheat, rape, sunflower, etc.)

The BTSA (Brevet de Technicien Supérieur Agricole) is a post A-Levels training course for two years (from September to June) providing technological and vocational skills.

At Venours’ agricultural school, students can prepare a BTSA specialized in :

  • Agronomy or crop production (BTSA APV) :, technicians work in all areas of the crop production, experimental fields and consultancy. based on their knowledge of soil and plants
  • Farm management (BTSA ACSE) : technicians manage and run farms or ensure a consultancy role in technical and economic areas.
  • Agro-supply chain (BTSA TC) : technicians support farmers, farm businesses, supply chain partners to collect, store, analyse data and advise.

Students can follow this two-year-course either full time with few weeks of internship or through an apprenticeship. This diploma represents a real professional qualification which is much valued by companies.

The curriculum is organized into modules (themes) :

  • Teaching lessons common to all BTSAs, including IT, personal expression and communication.
  • Professional skills : data processing, sciences, economics and law.
  • Multi-disciplinary activities to discover companies, services or local authorities

Internships in various companies suited to the various specialities.


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Erasmus+ is the European Union programme for education, training, youth and sport. It will run until 2027, with organisations invited to apply for funding each year to undertake creative and worthwhile activities.
Erasmus+ aims at modernising education, training and youth work across Europe.
It offers exciting opportunities for participants to then study, work, volunteer, teach and train abroad in Europe.

Erasmus+ is aimed at schools, further and higher education institutions, vocational education, adult education, youth and sport organisations.

Taking part in the programme helps you to develop personally and professionally; you will gain valuable international experience, broaden your horizons, experience new cultures and discover new ways of working.
Erasmus+ is of particular benefit to young people who can learn new skills to improve their employability, acquire life skills, and develop their confidence

As well as boosting skills and employability for participants, the programme will also modernise education, training, and youth work across Europe.

The international experience gained through studying, volunteering or working abroad will give a huge boost to your self-confidence and your CV, helping you to stand out in the job market and succeed in an increasingly competitive international marketplace.

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